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Powdered Metals Consulting Will Help Your Company in a Variety of Ways

Consulting Services

Brian McTiernan provides expertise on economics and process costing of metal powder production and metal powders for additive manufacturing. Specific experience and understanding includes:

  • Metal Powder Feedstock Specification Advice for Additive Manufacturing

  • Technical advice and cost analysis effects on fully dense Powder Metallurgy parts via Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) 

  • Quality Assurance considerations for PM components in aerospace, oil field, automotive and medical applications. 

  • Understanding of the economics of hot isostatic pressing, metallic extrusion, and consolidation methods for additive manufacturing components

  • Technical and economic understanding of Titanium powder manufacture as well as related safety concerns handling and transporting titanium and other metal powders. 

  • Assistance is negotiating procurement specifications to deliver or receive reliable powder at reasonable cost.

  • Know how in Quality Methods and initial component qualification in critical applications.

  • Unique understanding of the Aerospace Industry Economics and Procurement Trends

  • Expert in bulk industrial gas contract management, acquisition, and argon gas recycling economics

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