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Projects and Publications

  • Market factor analysis for post deposition services needed for metallic additive manufacturing parts. 

  • Plant review of gas atomization and powder handling facilities to increase yield and minimize contamination

  • Indentification of replacement tooling material. Client observed limited life of stainless steel tooling for manufacture of glass cylinders. Replacement tooling of a commercially available, relatively easy to machine, heat treatable nickel base alloy provided to extend tooling life, provide closer final part tolerances, and minimize downtime.

  • Literature search of scientific databases conducted to identify latest and most competitive work in fine powders for metallic cold spray bearing selected elements conducive to ductility and corrosion resistance.

  • Market and quality factor analysis of economic factors affecting bulk gas use in additive manufacturing parts.

  • Technical, lead time, and capital issues facing the hot isostatic pressing (HIP) industry.  

  • Competitive economic analysis of Aluminum additive manufactured components in the OEM automobile industry

  • Development of powder procurement specifications for an additive manufacturing machine builder.  

Brian McTiernan Powdered Metals Consulting provides powdered metals advice that is pragmatic, timely, and within your scope and budget. Available for a single day, to weeks or on a monthly limited hourly retained basis, another source of technical expertise is available to your firm without affecting your headcount. 

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